A huge thank you to everyone who came out and packed The Rich Mix London for our Music is Dead, Long Live Music panel for Internet Week 2010. The event was a huge success thanks to our great panel comprising of

Chris Cass (Business Development Director, Sony Gracenote)
Joe Cohen (CEO, SeatWave)
Stefan Glaenzer (former chairman, Last.fm)
Will Mills (Music & Content Director, Shazam)

The videos are live below. Please feel free to embed them wherever you like, or view them on iPods, iPads, etc, by using the links below them. Any sharing is appreciated. Also, all profits made at the bar went to The Rich Mix Cultural Foundation, which is a great cause. Extra special thanks to Dannoff Vodka for the VIP donations and to the whole CCA staff for working tirelessly to make this event possible. Photos are courtesy of ChromaticPhotography.com – please have a look at our Facebook page to view them.


What is left for the music industry to sell? from Raj Kotecha on Vimeo.


Lyrics and defining “illegal” – Music is Dead panel from Raj Kotecha on Vimeo.


Music Futures & Artist Revenue – Music is Dead Panel from Raj Kotecha on Vimeo.

See more below.


Is live music becoming more direct to fan? – Music is Dead Panel from Raj Kotecha on Vimeo.


Shazam’s Future – Music is Dead Panel, Nov 2010 from Raj Kotecha on Vimeo.


Advise for Spotify, Shazam’s Future from Raj Kotecha on Vimeo.


Impact of Alcohol Brands in the Music Space from Raj Kotecha on Vimeo.


Has music changed & who are the new influencers? from Raj Kotecha on Vimeo.


What is the future of social music gaming? from Raj Kotecha on Vimeo.