As you know, I enjoy organising panels through my company  It helps the whole ecosystem flourish and passes knowledge down from those in the industry, to those with ideas, that will hopefully be even more successful.  Sadly, as I was in Dubai, I could not organise/chair this one, so we called in Sumit Sharma, Editor of (who Lovesoul produced this Raekwon/Dynamo piece with) to run it.  Between us, we shouted everyone a few drinks and got the space from the good folks at 01Zero-One.  Also on the panel was

Dave Haynes, VP Business Dev, SoundCloud
Rahul Verma, Freelance Writer, The Metro, The Guardian, The Independent
Babatunde Adefuye, Senior Writer, MTV Wrap Up

Hope you like it, would appreciate your feedback… send me a tweet @RajKotecha