A little clip I found from March 2012 at Flashback, hosted by the Flashback Duo DJ Rav and DJ Ritesh.  22 gigs is a lot to do every six months, (yes, that’s right, 11 years, around 300 – 400 people each time, and tens of thousands from ticket sales donated to various charities).  If you haven’t been to this event, here are my top 5 reasons to attend:

1) It focuses on a beautiful time in music, the 80’s and 90’s Soul, Swing and Funk era
2) The crowd is awesome; with mid-20’s being the newbies and many 30 and over’s, that genuinely love music and dancing.
3) Flashback’s overall vibe, via founder Ritesh Shah, who genuinely loves music, helping people and is an all-round great guy.  You definitely feel this resonate when you’re in the room.
4)  It’s cheap, £10 in advance, no dress code, drinks offers and a healthy cut always goes to charity.
5) We (Lovesoul) DJ there, and at a few NYE specials too.  DJ Rav is one of a few people I share a bill with that actually makes me rehearse a little before I perform.

In the clip below, we needed to hype up the room as it was the month of The Notorious BIG’s 15 year Anniversary (passing date).