Recently I was invited on to the radio show of one of my favourite people, DJ Illatek.  Some of you are aware of a radio series I did with him last year called Hip Hop Is Bread.  This year, scheduling around CCA won’t allow me to head up the show again.  So, I decided to personally go up to the station and do a full length interview with Illatek where we really cranked up the talk around content marketing and hip hop.

A lot of people have seen this video and the stand out moment that everyone has fed back has been around the Steve Jobs and Tupac point I made at 6m30sec.  However I think wether you are a brand, artist or entrepreneur there are some solid points in this video and even a reading list at the end of authors you should check out.

What do you think?  Any useful points?  My email address is at the end of the video or you can tweet me now on @RajKotecha.