A LOT of people have helped me out in life.  I definitely hustled my ass off, but everyone that’s offered me a couch to crash on or a coffee and a chat have greatly assisted along the way and I am VERY conscious of my karmic responsibility to do the same.

However, unlike many of my own mentors, a lot of stuff I have done to establish myself as an entrepreneur in peoples minds has been very public.  This could be because of the brands involved or the online platforms I’m very active on, but either way, now a lot of entrepreneurs, freelancers and hustlers want my advice, support or contacts.

The truth is I’ve hit a wall, I just can’t get time with everyone.  And so if you need time with me I just need a quick favour first.

There’s a solid chance that I have forwarded this blog post to you personally because I want to help, but I can’t bend time and be available immediately.  What I can do however is share the things I talk to 99% of entrepreneurs about.  There are two huge advantages of doing it this way:

1) You are getting direct access to the blueprint of knowledge I have built Creative Content Agency on, straight from the source, raw and uncut, explained 1000 times better than I could do it myself from the guys I learnt it from.  This is it.  This is that goodness that makes money every single day for the clients I service.

2) When we do talk, we’ll be starting the conversation with all the basics already covered.  If you go through these resources, an hour with me will get you 10 hours of value because I won’t need to explain these strategies at an ultrabasic conceptual level, which in itself can take a long time.  We can talk specifics about what your goals are and fly from there.  It will be awesome, trust me.

Here are some the resources I talk about in the video above.  It’s only a taster list.  The further your curiosity takes you in researching these guys, the better.

Seth Godin
Gary Vaynerchuk
Timothy Ferris
Kevin Rose
Malcolm Gladwell
Tony Hsieh
Jason Fried
Guy Kawasaki (and Peg Fitzpatrick)
Joe Pulizzi
Steve Jobs
Chris Anderson
Fred Wilson

Spending a few hours going over this stuff is better than spending a few hours with me.  Rather than talk about what these concepts are in general, we can talk about what they mean to you.  I thank you in advance for helping me tremendously in taking this approach.  Enjoy, grow and kill it.