“Hustle is the most important word… ever”
Gary Vaynerchuk, Web 2.0, 2008

The word hustle impacts me as much as the word “God” or “Love” and is well bedded in the vocabulary of Silicon Valley’s tech scene.  My true fear is that it will soon filter down into the mainstream wannabe entrepreneur dictionary like “pivot”, “disruptive”, “hacking” and starting every sentence with the word “So…”.  I have to step in.  I have to take ownership of the word before someone like David Cameron uses it and makes it feel like your Gran weaving the word “twerk” into a sentence.

Need to skill up for new job application?  Hustle.  Want people to try out your new start up?  Hustle.  Trying to turn a hobby into a freelance gig?  Hustle.  No matter which way you skin it, Hustle is the most important word… Ever… and here’s what I think it means…

Raj Kotecha Hustle Defined

I hope you like it.  I made this image using Canva.com.  It’s another prayer the internet has answered as I suck at photoshop and always wanted something simple like this so I could communicate with words and images.  As I tinkered around with Canva these are the words that came out.