Creative Hub is an EU Funded initiative designed to support and accelerate careers in the creative and entertainment industries.  From film and TV to music and media, 01 Zero One Studios are running a series of Masterclasses in the heart of Soho.

I have been asked to speak at two masterclasses, running on Thursday 2nd October and Thursday 9th October.  Both are free and include drinks / refreshments.  We’ll also get a chance to do some Q&A and have a few drinks afterwards in the networking session – I REALLY hope you can make it.  The subjects covered and the links to register are as follows.

Raj Kotecha Creative Hub Masterclass

Establishing Yourself – Thursday 2nd – Register Here

Want to break into the media industry?  With London being so competitive, it’s incredibly easy to get left on the sidelines, never meet the right people and more importantly never get the crucial experience employers are looking for. 

Success comes down to your approach, your profile and your effort.

Part one of Raj’s masterclass will focus will be on DIY / self-starting techniques to get your name out there and stand out from the crowd (Free Tickets).

Establishing Your Business – Thursday 9th – Register Here

Whilst so many people have dabbled in the media industry, it is probably as hard to keep your career momentum going as it was to start it.  Eventually many people end up bowing out as they could never build a business around their talent.  Reading the market and knowing what to offer at the right time is everything.

In part two of his masterclass, he’ll be sharing how he took the initial momentum he built as a video blogger and DJ and used it to establish a business where companies would pay for his knowledge and experience.  He’ll be talking about monitizing your talent, how the business world differs from the strictly creative world and how to keep your focus on the media services companies are looking for (Free Tickets).

The location

01Zero One Studios
Hopkins Street, Soho

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