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Make a list of everyone you know that claims to hustle. If they don’t work until everybody else is in bed and the lights are switched off, put them anywhere after 2nd place. I pull off this level of effort with one thing that works every time and keeps me outworking the vast majority of general population.

I employ myself.

This isn’t some “be your own boss” s**t. You can’t boss yourself around – right? So… you employ yourself.

I got turned away by everyone from McDonalds to Deloitte as a teenager. So many rejections that I just cracked. I gave up chasing a “dream” job and settled for anything close enough.

It ended up being largely working for Dixons and a Barclaycard call centre – both which I respect dearly as they employed me. But whatever else I was passionate about that wasn’t on their job descriptions, I gave to myself. I just made up the job and threw myself in the seat.

For instance, I wasn’t a promoter, I booked a venue and became one. I wasn’t a DJ, I bought turntables and pressed play. I wasn’t an interviewer, I grabbed a camera started talking. I wasn’t a consultant, I found a client and offered some ideas.

The point being, with creativity, just make up the parts that are missing in your head and give yourself the job. More importantly, and this is ****ing important, give yourself permission to start. You’re not asking yourself to perform open heart surgery on someone, so just get the minimal amount of validation and go for it.

And then, work. Obsess. Go online, search the hell out of it on YouTube, Twitter, Google, etc. Join groups, try hard to reply to every message personally. Find events and show up. Even if it’s a paid event, charm, engage, befriend anyone that will empathise with this role you’ve given yourself.

(Also, side note, never judge the less ambitious, they are often the type that get a kick out of helping others, that’s their thing. They’ll slide you a pass to get into that room or conference. For some people, kindness is their hustle. They are literally wells of opportunity).

Then, log your progress. Tag your work as you go along. Improve it, pick up the lingo, use it proactively, build credibility and fan your audience like a tiny ember until it heats up. Update them. Give everyone a role in your story and play a part in theirs. Take a second and look around, you’ll notice you’re on your way.

And finally, keep a lane 100% for you. You’ll need it so you can slow down and speed up at will. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go, you’ll know when you’re ready to bring out the big results. For me, that time is now.

This picture is the last thing I see before I go to bed most nights. I can smile because I know I kill it every day and unless life throws everything it has at me, I end up winning more that I lose, donating more that I request and pushing more that I doubt. I can give you this level of detail because I do this every second I’m awake – which is often way after most are asleep.

That’s it. I love you guys and your support on VaynerWorld and all my projects, it means so much.

Oh by the way, ask the number 2 guy to tell you what he does. His answer won’t be like mine, I promise.

That is, when he wakes up.


This was also quoted on the Dukkan Show and ended up spinning into a cool video.