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The Four P’s of Content is the framework Raj deploys with brands and CEO’s to plan, produce, publish and promote content that attracts and engages audiences online.

The framework is widely referenced and available in Raj’s videos and keynotes for free.  In-person workshops and keynotes can be tailored to specific personal and professional goals.

4 P’s of Content:  Course Description

Earning the attention of a decision maker remains one of the most challenging first-steps in forming a valuable business relationship.

Between the demands of their position and constraints on their time, influencing business people gets more challenging the higher up the food chain you go.

However, regardless of their role, even the senior most executives allocate some time and attention to consuming content that maps to their personal and professional goals.

This course enables participants to attract and influence decision makers through a process of planning, producing, publishing and promoting content that is distributed on both traditional and social media platforms.

Practical frameworks will be taught by a specialist in senior-level content marketing and customized to address specific business objectives.  Group sizes are restricted to a maximum of 8 people to ensure optimal delivery of the course content.

Each participant will produce a playbook that prioritizes where to invest their time and outlines the tactics needed to engage their target audience and grow their influence online.